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Transmogrification gear boost service

Transmogrification is a relatively new World of Warcraft features that allows customizing the looks of armor, weapons, and items without changing their properties and effects. Transmogrification first appeared in WoW 4.3. You can buy transmog sets for your WoW account cheap in our web store.  

Why Do You Need Transmogrification

You can buy WoW transmog gear to conveniently change visual looks of your characters as you prefer at will. That way, you can, for instance, acquire equipment kits that are archived or deleted in the WoW version you play, getting full customization freedom. 

How to Use Transmog

In order to customize your equipment’s looks, you need to turn to the master of transmogrification. You can ‘try on’ your updated items first and then decide whether to keep the changes or not. Moreover, you can always return the original looks at will. 

As for the scope of opportunities transmog provides, you cannot really change all the item combinations, as transmogrificator doesn’t work with certain weapon types (it works fine, though, with most types of rifles, bows, and crossbows). 

Just buy some transmog gear right now to experience all the capabilities and advantages yourself.  

Transmogrification: Step-By-Step Guide

These are the simple, subsequent steps you need to make in order to employ this World of Warcraft customization feature:

  • first, take the item out of the sack;
  • then, place it in the transmogrificator - you’ll see the price of transformation;
  • lastly, if you’re okay with the price and you have enough money in your account, just click the transmogrification button in order to perform the item customization.

If with time you would want to change your item back to how it looked previously, you can click the cancel sign. Customization for each item should be canceled manually. 

All the changes that the item went through are captured in the description. Thanks to that, you’ll be able to go through the whole history of transmogrification gear boost changes.

Transmogrification & Void Storage

With the help of transmog, you can save all the previous looks of items instead of having to delete them. For that, there’s the Void Storage - a type of reservoir for temporarily needless but cherished items (i.e., those that you are to customize via transmogrification). 

Buy Transmogrification Sets

If you want to get an excellent ability to visually customize your items at will without losing all their previous looks, you can buy transmogrification sets right now. 

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