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Buy WoW SHADOWLANDS boost Patch 9.0.2

Such a familiar stranger or all about the addition Shadowlands in World of Warcraft

Shadowlands is a new world in WOW. Located where souls go after death, it opens up new content for us. In this update, we have a lot of new vast areas, dungeons, raids, enemies, the terrifying Torghast Tower, as well as a new allies system called the Covenants. In addition, various new mounts, pets, and achievements have appeared in the game. The desire to easily explore the world, get all these new items, and generally enjoy the game - all these are the reasons why you may need Shadowlands boost. And we will happy to help you with this!

Leveling and Farm services

First of all, in order to plunge headlong into the new content, you need to reach a level 60. Often there is not enough time or just a desire to leveling characters, the same is with farming.
Therefore, we have prepared several services that can significantly simplify the process: - Custom leveling (any level amount)
- 50-60 leveling
- Shadowlands reservoir anima currency farm
- Shadowlands soul ash currency farm
- Shadowlands stygia currency farm
- Shadowlands daily and world quest farm

Daily, in time chosen by you, our booster will be performing all the possible tasks as fast as he can.

Torghast and the Maw

 The Maw is the central endgame location for Shadowlands players. Torghast, Tower of the Damned, is a tower located in the heart of the Maw, and is where the Jailer holds his most precious souls. It's also a source of new legendary items.
To access Torghast, you would probably like to buy our The Maw Unlock service and the ultimate Torghast Tower challenge boost, to get enough resources for crafting legendary items.

New allies and Covenant system

In addition, in Shadowlands we gain not only new enemies, but also allies, but in order to take full advantage of the opportunities they provide, we need to earn their trust.
Our services will help to boost your covenant or Ve'nari reputation. We also have a service for passing the covenant campaign, which opens up access to various cosmetic effects, mounts and toys.

New weekly chest or what do you need to know about The Great Vault

The Great Vault is a new system to get gear every week. This system gives you the ability to choose one item from 9 possible slots, subject to certain conditions.
The level of gear depends on difficulty M+ and raids.
The amount of slots depends on amount finished dungeons, killed bosses and arena points.

The Great Vault: Mythic+ Dungeon Objectives and Reward iLevels

For Mythic Plus Dungeons, the item level is determined by the Highest / 4th Highest / 10th Highest Key that you completed for the week.
This means, in order to be able to choose from the best things, you need to run in 10 Mythic+ dungeons with the highest possible key level. However, in Shadowlands as in BFA completing mythic and mythic + dungeons give you the opportunity to get gear for your character without waiting for the weekly reward. 
In this regard, we have prepared services for you: - 8/8 Mythic dungeons 
- Shadowlands Mythic + 5-10 (here you can also choose specific dungeon if you need)
- Bundles of 3 or 5 most popular Mythic + keys (which include special discounts)
- Shadowlands 170/175/180 full gear boost


Castle Nathria is a new raid in WOW that firstly appeared in the Shadowlands patch. But we already can offer several options for Normal and Heroic raids. So you can choose the most suitable one for you. Our service is very flexible, so even if you haven't found a suitable option, just ask us and we'll try to make it for you! All clients who were boosted were satisfied!

PVP Boosts

PVP is one of the hardest parts of the WOW and therefore so avoided by many players. A new season has begun in Shadowlands and World of Boosting is ready to offer you different options depending on your needs.
If you don't have enough experience or determination to take part in rated pvp battles, you've come to the right place. Our pvp boosters are some of the best and are ready to teach you. For this we have coaching services in the 2v2 and 3v3 arenas.
If you are fearless enough, skillful and want to quickly raise your rating, we can offer you various PVP boosts in 2v2 and 3v3 arenas from 0 to 2100 rating. For your convenience, we have two methods available: selfplay and account-sharing.
In addition, we have services for fast honor farm, pvp titles and so on.

Why us?

Our World of Boosting Team is happy to provide a reliable way to get all you can want for reasonable prices. We can provide smooth runs in the new dungeons and raids and guarantee the best experience for our clients. 
Your safety is important to us. All our boosts are performed by real people, without the use of third-party prohibited programs or bots. Besides, we make sure your payment for our WoW boost services is processed securely via the payment gateway. 
We value your time, so when you buy one of our services we always try to find a group or booster as soon as possible. 
And we'll keep doing all to prove that we are currently the one of best boosting services at the market. Don’t hesitate to get pro help right now! Let's fight and defend our beloved Azeroth together!

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