Refund policy

Refund and cancellation policy.
Obstruction of an order implementation caused by a Customer is the only reason why Agent can cancel the order and make a refund according to the formula below.
In other cases, we never refuse the order. If Customer has any claims, he will be offered with the ways to resolve the problem and to recover the losses. If none of the proposed will satisfy Customer’s demands, he/she can cancel the order and get a refund, by the rules, written below.
Customer has the right to cancel the order and request a refund at any time.
Refund amount will be:
    1) Full. If the order was cancelled: 
a) Not later than 30 minutes after the order was paid;
b) Before the Account Sharing was done (if that method was chosen);
c) Before the start of the order implementation process;

    2) Partial. Refund sum will be calculated by this formula: 

(Σ – Σ×0,1) – Σ × P/100 = R

Σ – total cost of an order;
Σ×0,1 – fee for the mediatorial services done by Agent (10% of an order cost);
P – percentage of performed part of an order;
R – amount of funds to be returned;

    1) Customer had ordered the “10 dungeons in mythic difficulty”, which cost €30, 50% of it were fulfilled (i.e.: 5 out of 10 “dungeons” were passed), rejecting this order Customer will receive:

Σ=€30; P=50%; 
(€30 - €30×0,1) - €30 × 50/100 = R
€27 - €15 = R
R = €12

    2) Customer had ordered “Heroic raid fullrun” with using of “Account Sharing” method for the cost of €100.
Account was shared (that means, mediatorial services was done), implementation process had not stated yet. 
Customer cancels the order. Sum will be:

Σ=€100; P=0%;
(€100 - €100×0,1) - €100 × 0/100 = R
€90 – 0 = R
R = €90

If you have any questions about refunding money or changing your order:

If you want to get a refund, please contact us within the live chat on the Company’s site,  via e-mail –, Skype – and give us the following details:
    1) Your full name;
    2) Your order ID;
    3) Order date;
    4) The sum you paid and the payment method;
    5) The reason of your appeal;

Acceptable terms for a refund or change of the service

Upon ordering, you agree that period for the return and / or exchange of the purchased services is 30 days from the date of payment. In the event of dispute regarding timing of handling, refund or exchange and if we cannot reach an agreement through correspondence, further consideration of the debate can be continued in court on the basis of the laws and regulations of the Ukraine.

Still have questions?

Any questions with regards to the refund and / or exchange of paid service with the payment of the difference – please use our contact form, email, Skype.

Email –
Skype –
Every day from 12 00 – 02 00 (CET)