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Buy wоw raid gear in Wоrld of Bооsting service

In case you are thirsty for more raid gear, we are here to help you boost your gear score via a WoW raid you can buy. With our help, you are guaranteed to get a set number of achievements, ilvl items, and Azerite.

How to buy wow raid gear

We provide this service via two options: account sharing and selfplay. Here’s what this means:

  • Account sharing. You give us access to your account by sending us the login and password (no additional permissions or data is required – so, you can rest assured we won’t be able to steal your account). In this case, our specialist plays your character during the raid using VPN so that it looks like it’s you, but you logged in from another PC. During this period, you shouldn’t log into your account.

  • Selfplay. You get invited to the raid of your choice as a participant by our specialist. So, you play for your character yourself during the raid. If you don’t get all the achievements during the first raid with us, you can rest assured you’ll get another chance the following week for free.

As what loot you get depends on your luck even when you buy WoW raid gear, you can add a certain amount of booster characters to increase your chances of success. These characters will be wearing the same armor 350+ ilvl gear and trading with you during the loot.

As a result, you will get all the gear that’s dropped by the bosses you’ve killed in the order of difficulty. You can expect to gain 8+ items per one raid or even 10+ items if you are lucky and successful enough.

Why choose our raid items service

We realize we are hardly the only website offering you WoW raid service. Yet, we take our pride in benefitting our customer in the following ways:

  • We do all our work manually. So, you can be sure no illegal solutions are used and your account won’t get banned;

  • We take care of your account’s safety. Apart from this, you won’t have to worry that your account could get stolen. Even if you share it with us, we don’t ask you for the secret word or your email password;

  • We deliver the highest-quality results as soon as possible. Thanks to our extensive experience of more than 8 years on this market, we know how to achieve the best results and present you with the best WoW raiding service;

  • We provide you with the money back guarantee. So, you can rest assured that if you are not satisfied with the result, you will be able to get back your payment;

  • We are here to answer any of your questions 24/7. You can reach out to us using the chat on our website and ask our specialists any question related to our services and your order;

  • We process your order in up to 15 minutes. So, you will be able to enjoy your new gear even sooner than you think.

What’s Next

Are you prepared to get the brand-new gear that will make other players envy you? Then choose your loot, buy this WoW raid, get ready for the raid yourself or share your account, and enjoy seeing your gear score skyrocket!

We offer to buy raid gear WoW loot in our World of Boosting service, we have been working for more than 8 years! We offer the best prices, the rapid passage of raids in WoW game and courteous service.

You can buy raid items service to gear your character, for example, you can order loot raid and achieve high progress in WoW - this is the right decision if you need to up gear score of you character in short time period.

You can buy WoW raid gear by ordering loot in the current raid of a heroic and epic level of difficulty. Usually, for 1 run in 20 ppl mode you recieve minimum 8-10 items for your character that will be transferred to you. Please note, our store provides a huge number of other services in, for example, you can buy powerleveling wow at low prices.

If you are not interested in buying wow raid gear, you can simply order the raid progress in World of Warcraft dungeons, and thereby make it easier for you to search for lfg, because it's not a secret that you need first and foremost the progress of the character in current raids, all you need is to watch video on bosses and you are ready for raiding.

Buying raid gear in WOW, implies the passage by your character of a certain number of bosses in the ordered complexity. After killing bosses, you will be given the equipment that has dropped from the boss (gear) to your class and spec.

Typically, the character gets more than 8 items per raid, in the case of a successful drop more than 10 (in the raid format 20 PPL). The character is given 100% of the fallen loot on his spec. At the very beginning of sales, about 95%, except for a few insanely rare things that sometimes form the basis for a raid of the train, but, as a rule, it is not more than 5% of the gear dropped for the raid.

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