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Firstly presented to World of Warcraft in Mists of Pandaria, pets as a special gameplay element has always been an important part of this fantastic world. Countless variety of different creatures with unique design and list of abilities for each pet can be found in the game. All around the WoW pets can be obtained as a drop from mobs, reward for completing quests, dungeons and achievements, or found in treasure chests. Shadowlands addon updates the list of available pets and adds even more content connected with that part of the game. 

Collecting every single pet is a both time-consuming and nervous task, it requires a lot of skill and patience. In order to help you on your difficult way of becoming a master for all the pets you want, World Of Boosting presents Pets boosting service. In our store you can buy completion of special achievements and both battle and cosmetic pets unlock boosting. We are ready to fulfill any type of your gaming needs and help you to get everything you need.

Buy our services and get:

  • Rare pets unlocked;

  • Desired achievements completed;

  • Pet battle challenges done;

  • You keep all the gold, gear and other loot that can be obtained during boost;

On World Of Boosting you can buy different types of pets boosting for sale, from a secret Baa’l pet unlock to the completion of the classic achievement “The Longest Day”.  We are also ready to successfully win in any desired number of pet battles and significantly increase the strength of your little friends. 

As it has already been said - WoW is full of pets. But even for a bravest pet hunter, unlocking 

all of them can be a hard, almost impossible task. 

Right now there are two main types of pets in the game: battle pets which are used in a pokemon-like type of fighting with another pet trainer and cosmetic pets that cannot fight but always be a faithful companion in your adventures. 

Warcraft players can find new creatures in a lot of different sources:

Pets from treasure chests;

Rewards for achievements; 

Rewards for quests;

Specific pets of different Covenants;

Drop with a rare chance; 

Pets that are binded to the race of the character;

You can buy some pets from special traidors; 

With such a list of sources where pets can be found it is no wonder that even for skilled players pet-hunting is not an easy walk in a park. However, it is still not the end! 

Every battle pet should be leveled. This can be done through the previously mentioned pet battles. And for some players leveling can be an even more nervous and difficult process than unlocking the pet. With every battle you get some rewards and a few experience points that with time will increase the level of your creature. However, on the average it takes around 5 minutes to complete one battle. And the victory is not granted. With the help of our professional boosters your pet will become much stronger. Buy our pet battles wins boosting and reach a 25 level cap quickly and efficiently. 

Yet, there are still some problems that await a pet-hunter on his journey to success. Every pet has its own rarity status. This rarity system for the creatures is pretty similar to the basic item rarity system, where color shows the quality of the item: 

  • Gray for Poor;

  • White for Common; 

  • Green for Uncommon;

  • Blue for Rare;

  • Purple for Epic;

  • Orange for Legendary;

While some rare, epic and legendary creatures can be bought on the auction, most of them ought to be achieved through battling with other trainers. 

At our shop you can buy pets farming service, that will guarantee you 30 different creatures of different rarity. More than that, some achievements can give you a special item that will instantly upgrade your creature to the Rare status. For example, by buying the completion of “The longest day” in our store, you are guaranteed not just a status of the fewest players who has this achievement in their book, but also you will be rewarded with a special “Battle Stone”, that does exactly what is described previously. 

To sum up, at our shop we order you a wide range of pets boosting services. Any task can be completed quickly and efficiently and we guarantee both safety and the final result of the product. If you still have any questions you are free to contact our online support at any time you need.

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