Read the newest material in our blog and get all the information about fast boosting in WoW BFA 8.3 now!

Read the newest material in our blog and get all the information about fast boosting in WoW BFA 8.3 now!

Visions of N’Zoth

In anticipation of the release of the final major update to Battle for Azeroth - 8.3 "Visions of N'Zot", we want to talk about his most interesting news.

Vulpera and Mechagnome Allied Races.

      For those who are tired of the appearance of their character, there is a great opportunity to continue the game for two new allied races: vulpers for the horde and mechanomes for the alliance. As usual, for the discovery of a new allied race you will receive a reward in the form of a special means of transportation, and if you raise the level of your new character from the Vulpier or Mechanomnomes race from 20 to 110, you will earn a cosmetic Heritage Armor set that is unique to this new Allied Race (for transmogrification).

Horde players can open the vulpur by completing the quest chain in Vol'dun and exalting the Vuldunai. Players of the Alliance will create their own mechano-gnome in a new chain of tasks as soon as they achieve exaltation at the Rustbolt Resistance and complete the main tasks in Mehagon. The choice is yours, pump a new character and play with him or make a change of race, after receiving the achievement.

New Raid: Ni'alota, The Awakening City.

     We will also be able to take part in the conquest of new heights and achievements during the passage of the new raid "Ni’alota, Awakening City." We have 12 bosses at our disposal, the horror, nightmare and madness of which we will have the opportunity to steal.

Level: 120

Minimum equipment level for using the search system: 410

Modes and level of production:

Raid Finder: 430/440 

Normal Mode: 445/455 

Heroic: 460/470 

Mythic: 475/485

Raid Release Schedule:

  • January 21 – Normal and Heroic Difficulties

  • January 28 – Mythic Ny’alotha, Raid Finder Wing 1 (Vision of Destiny)

  • February 11: Raid Finder Wing 2 (Halls of Devotion), February 25: Raid Finder Wing 3 (Gift of Flesh)

  • March 10: Raid Finder Wing 4 (The Waking Dream)

Assaults: The Servants of N’Zoth and Horrific visions 

     The developers did not neglect the fans of solo content, so we are waiting for new Attacks: “The Servants N’Zoth”. In addition to the fact that for completing these tasks, players will be able to get equipment and access to a new vision mode, we can all remember the good old days spent in Uldum (Kalimdor) and the Vale of Eternal Blossom (Pandaria).

  • Quest rewards: 440

  • Crafted Tokens: 410-415

Also in locations that will be under attack in update 8.3, players will find a great many rare opponents. Some of them can be defeated quite easily on their own, others will become a more difficult task, and for others, the help of the group will be required.

From these many rare creatures, heroes will be able to receive various rewards, such as currency (artifact power, Resources for war, Clots of visions, Desecrated memories), equipment (armor of the Black Empire), cosmetic items (toys, pets) and some other things. In addition, a “Rare to Well Done” achievement is awarded as a victory for 250 new rare creatures.

Here is an example of a few vehicles that you can get:

  • Rotfeaster (rare) - Waste Marauder ( mount)

  • Ishak of the Four Winds (rare elite) - Reins of the Drake of the Four Winds (mount)

  • Corpse Eater (rare) - Malevolent Drone (mount)

  • Anh-De the Loyal- Xinlao (mount)

  • Skikx'traz - Aqir Tunneler (pet)

  • Lord Aj'qirai - Rotbreath (pet)

In addition, "Horrific Visions" have been added - these are dungeon tests designed for 1-5 players. Visions provide a glimpse into the nightmarish future that N’Zoth has prepared for Orgrimmar and Stormwind. The essence of this test is to pass it as far as possible, until your mind succumbed to the madness and corruption of N’Zoth. After each passage, you will receive shards of corruption that help strengthen your defense of the mind. The stronger the defense, the further you go in the test and, accordingly, get more valuable rewards.

Useful rewards:

  • Infected Relics. The main currency that is mined in horrific visions is the Infected Relics. In a vision, they can be obtained from the bodies of opponents for fulfilling the goals of the script and found in chests that are issued as a reward in the final passage. The amount of currency received depends on the number of goals achieved, the number of faceless active masks and open treasure chests.Relics are needed to open improvements to the Titan research archive, to purchase several Wrathion goods, including transport, a cosmetic backpack and an item that allows you to add a gem connector to your outfit, as well as purchase Azerite essences and cleanse damaged items from MOTHER.

  • Connector for gem. Thanks to creepy visions, players can get an item that adds a rainbow plug to the item - N'Zoth's Extracted Eye, which is sold by Wrathion in the Heart Hall for 25,000 Infected Relics after completing the achievement “We Know the Technology” for a full study of the titanium research archive. With it, you can add a connector to any equipment from Update 8.3, with the exception of Azerite armor, the legendary cloak, Heart of Azeroth, as well as an item that already has a connector.

  • The legendary cloak. Passing terrible visions and fulfilling the instructions of Wrathion in them, the players develop the legendary cloak of Ashjra’kamas, Shroud of Resolve

  • Equipment. In the script, you can profit from objects. For fulfilling the main goal of creepy vision, the player receives 1 item of equipment from a special pre-raid of the Ni'alota set. The characteristics of these items are determined in advance by the developers. The level of the subject depends on how many vision goals you completed during the race, how many faceless masks were active and whether you received a reward of this level this week.

The more goals you complete while completing the vision and the more faceless masks will act during it, the better reward you will receive in the final. Here's how the quality of the award item depends on the number of completed goals and active masks:

  • Completion of a vision with fulfilled main goal: 420 lvl

  • Completion of the vision with fulfilled the main and all additional goals: 445 ur. (+5 to url for each completed area)

  • Completion of a vision with fulfilled main and all additional goals, as well as all masks: 470 lvl. (+5 to url for each active mask)

Azerite entities. In terrible visions, players can get 3 new Azerite essences of all 4 ranks: Guardian Power (tank), Unshakable Barrier (healer), Spark of Inspiration (fighter). The ranks of these entities become available as follows:

  • Rank 1: guaranteed to be kept in a chest that is rewarded for fulfilling the main goal of creepy vision (in the infected area)

  • Rank 2: Guaranteed to be kept in a chest that is rewarded for fulfilling any complex secondary goal of creepy vision (in the lost zone)

  • Rank 3: collected from x45 Sparks of unshakable strength, which are kept in chests for fulfilling any medium (in the affected area) or complex (in the lost zone) eerie vision goals for x1 and x3 pcs. respectively

  • Rank 4: Sold for x25 Infected Relics from a Merchant in the Halls of the Heart after earning the Through the Depths of Vision achievement.

New Affix: Awakened

    For lovers of mythic + it will be useful to study a new property: “Awakened”

While the Awakened property is active, players will encounter obelisks in the dungeon that will drag them through the veil into the dark world of Ni'aloth. There, players will fight with the powerful servant of N’Zoth, and he must be defeated immediately, otherwise he will join the last boss of the dungeon. After defeating a powerful adversary, the group will return back to the real world, and in the same place where it is currently located. So players will be able to overcome the dungeon in the most unexpected places, without using the ability of the robbers "Hiding Veil" or invisibility.

A new legendary cloak and corrupted items.

    The time of the legendaries! Now let's remember Pandaria and Deathwing’s son Wrathio. In the new update, he will return to us with a new thing - the legendary cloak: legendary cloak of Ashjra’kamas, Shroud of Resolve, a useful thing from all sides. The cloak can be improved: first it will be a level 470 item, but subsequent steps will increase its power and reveal other special effects. Using a cloak, players can plunge even deeper into the terrible visions of N’Zoth, receive more valuable rewards and reveal the secret of the power of the ancient god. The cloak can also come in handy in the battle with N’Zoth himself in a new raid. By wearing it, you will immediately reduce the loss of sanity in eerie visions.

How to get it

You can get the legendary Ashjra’kamas, Shroud of Resolve, having passed a significant part of the Black Empire campaign chain, which will begin immediately after the release of update 8.3. The chain does not have any time limits, so you only need about 1.5 hours to complete all the tasks. You will receive a cloak from Wrathion almost at the very end. He will have a base level of 470, +5 points to resistance to damage and -20% to the loss of sanity.

Well, since we started talking about new things, we’re worth mentioning new items and rewards infected with corruption. In the Vision of N’Zoth update, you will find equipment contaminated with corruption. Corrupted items that are cursed by N’Zoth give you extraordinary power. The more infected spoilage equipment you use, the more damage your spells do and the more health restores healing - but the destructive effect of spoilage will also increase. While the damage is weak, when the damage is received, the slowdown effect only occasionally works. But if the level of corruption is high, the dark forces of the Abyss can attack you at any time. Players will have to find a compromise between the merits and demerits of infected spoilage items, but the effects of spoilage can be dealt with using the new legendary cloak and new entities. Thanks to the beneficial effects, you can reduce the level of damage and take full advantage of the strength of N’Zoth, partially mitigating the shortcomings. Having spent infected relics, you will be able to clean objects from spoilage with the help of a titanium purification system, but at the same time the positive effect will be lost.

Now, when an item is randomly amplified, it becomes not “Warforging/Titanforging”, but “corrupted”. Desecration increases the power of an item with a certain bonus, but at the same time brings some negative effects to the character. An item struck in this way gains two properties:

  • Violet in the list of characteristics - the amount of the "Corruption" characteristic that the item has; the more "Corruption" is accumulated in the total of all items equipped with the character, the more negative effects on him

  • Violet in the description of the properties is a positive bonus that increases the character's power in one way or another

Spoilage resistance

Along with corruption itself, another characteristic will appear in the game - Damage Resistance. It reduces the overall level of damage to the character, allowing him to equip more defiled things with fewer negative effects. 

The overall level of damage to a character is equal to the sum of the indicators of damage from all defiled items equipped with it minus the sum of indicators of resistance to damage from other sources. There are few ways to increase your spoilage resistance:

  • Use legendary cloak of Ashjra’kamas, Shroud of Resolve (damage resistance depends on item rank)

  • Use new Azerite entities (each has 10 damage spells)

Cleansing Corruption

Players have the opportunity to remove damage from desecrated items using the "Titanic cleaning", which robs the subject of both negative and positive effects, turning it into an ordinary thing. This is useful if the item is useful for the character only by its basic characteristics, and the harm that the negative bonus brings outweighs the benefit from the positive.

To clear a defiled item, you need to turn to the MOTHER in the Hall of the Heart. A special option will appear in the conversation with the character, after selecting which a small window will open where you can place the defiled item. Next, you need to click on the "Clear" button, confirming your decision. Cleaning an item costs only 5 Infected Relics and does not have any restrictions.

The ability to clean defiled objects will appear after you start the Black Empire quest chain and complete a series of tasks before opening attacks on Uldum, having captured your first defiled item. After that, you will receive the Curious Damage task, which will send you to the MOTHER, where, after completing the task, Particles of Damage, you will open access to the Titanic Cleansing.

Hop in that article to find out how does it work!